Why is Boxing Going to be Different in 2021

As we progress into the new year, one can expect that there will be huge changes and developments within the boxing industry that haven’t taken place yet in the entire history of the sport. Big-name champions are all fueled to face difficult opponents and rising stars are extremely working to be included in history textbooks. For this reason, boxing fans are particularly looking forward to the matches that are in store for this year. There have been some predictions about what’s in line for the next few months, but no matter what happens, we all have high hopes that this year is gonna be the best one yet in the history of boxing, amidst the pandemic happening around the world.

Here are the most anticipated boxing forecasts in the year 2021:

There will be a trend of young fighters accepting more challenges for greater rewards

  • Shawn Porter, a former IBF title holder and welterweight champion, said in an ESPN interview that the current top fighters are entering an era where they care less about undefeated records, which he believes is an important attitude in boxing. What these young boxers are into, rather, is taking the risk to fight big legends and reaping the financial advantages of boxing. Although we still have yet to see what is in line for this year, the number of starting boxers who are willing to take risks for greater gains is said to be advancing.

Lightweights are gonna get driven by their rising collective mentalities

  • Speaking of risks, current lightweight world champion Teofimo Lopez said in an exclusive interview that their young generation of fighters has a specific character that makes them distinct from the previous generations: their determination to become the best by fighting champions. Lopez mentioned present-day champions such as Anthony Joshua and Canelo Alvarez, who prove that you can still be successful and well-known in the field of boxing even if you suffered from losses in the past. This mentality, according to Lopez, is shared by him and his co-amateurs, and has been their driving force for fighting.

Boxing fans might be taken back to what boxing was like decades ago

  • “The fact is this is the new generation. We’re bringing back what the old school was — fight the best — and we push on it.” Teofimo Lopez said in an interview. When Lopez faced Vasiliy Lomachenko, one of boxing’s top pound-for-pound fighters, followers of the sport expected for Lopez to easily lose the match. When he defeated the champion via unanimous decision, it led to a domino effect that could change the future of boxing starting this year. Led by Lopez, young boxers started to jump into major fights and brave top oppositions early in their profession, even if it meant jeopardizing their records. This character will lead to exciting matches this 2021, and boxing fans are here for it.

Although we’re not certain of what’s to come for the Sweet Science this 2021, we better be ready and brace ourselves because it’s gonna be different and better than the previous years, and that’s for sure!

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