How To Truly Make Your Senior Years Golden

How To Truly Make Your Senior Years Golden

As any retiree can tell you, finding yourself with a great deal of extra time can be both a blessing and a curse. Once the sheen of getting a break from the day-to-day grind of employment wears off, you’re likely to realize that there’s a lot of golden years left for you to enjoy, and you certainly can’t spend it all gardening or catching up on the tv shows you’ve missed.

Of course, some people have plans like traveling abroad now that they have the time and funds, or starting a business they’ve always wanted to. But what do you do between trips or outside of business hours? Or, if neither of those interest you at all, then what is the best way to ensure you feel your best as you age? 

With all the time and energy now at your disposal, the options are limitless. Here are a few suggestions from us that are guaranteed to help you truly enjoy your golden years.

Stay Fit

As you get older, it’s of key importance to stay on top of your physical health, and that includes getting some exercise in. While you may find your joints creaking a little more as you age, it’s not a sign that you should hang up your weights. In fact, it’ll likely benefit you to keep working out!

People live longer than they used to, and many seniors have a great quality of life that allows them to stay active and healthy compared to generations before. Sign up for an exercise class, or start learning how to really use those free weights at the gym. You can even go a step further and start intensive training (with your doctor’s okay, of course) like Crossfit, rock climbing, or other extreme sports.Not only will you feel better getting out and exercising, but you’ll thank yourself later when you’re still spry as an octogenarian!

Keep Learning

The best way to keep sharp is to never stop learning. Whether it’s a new language with an app or a new skill at the local community center, there are plenty of opportunities out there for older adults to learn new skills. And not only will you get to enjoy the thrill of learning–and improving–at a skill you’ve always wanted, but you’re likely to find similar people to engage with, in a variety of ages.

Not sure where to start? Here are a few suggestions for new skills to look into:

  • Brush up on your computer skills
  • Learn to paint
  • Take a language course at a community college
  • Learn some basic mechanic skills
  • Take a dance class
  • Pick up a new hobby like model building
  • Take a sewing class and make your own clothes

Get Out & Socialize

Socialization is key as you get older–there’s plenty of time to make new friends, and you should take advantage of that! Finding groups of older people in clubs, hiking groups, game nights, and other activities is a great way to make sure you’re staying social, plus they can give you an extra hobby to indulge in as well.

If you live in a 55+ community, you might even be able to meet other seniors with similar interests with various activities and events put on by your community managers. Things like holiday parties and pool socials are a great way to meet your neighbors.

But don’t think you need to stick with seniors. Going out to events like poetry readings, music performances, and the classes we mentioned above is a great way to meet people from every walk of life. Making friends with younger people doesn’t just mean you’ll be up to date on all the hip new slang–it’ll keep you young!

Give Yourself A Touch-Up

While there’s a lot to look forward in your senior years, some people may find themselves feeling much younger than their years would suggest. If you want to look as good on the outside as you feel on the inside, getting a little makeover is something that could make a huge difference in your life.

It could be as simple as getting a new haircut that actively flatters your face, to going to a makeup store and asking for tips on how to do your makeup to ensure you’re highlighting your best features–let’s face it, an overlined lip and heavy eyeliner often make women look older than they are. Men may not have the same makeup issue, but often a new wardrobe is a great way to keep from ending up in “grandpa-chic” clothes.

If you need a bit more of a boost to your appearance, cosmetic surgery is also a great way to make yourself look as young as you feel. Modern surgeries don’t result in the same stretched-out faces that many people associate with plastic surgery and botox. Instead, subtle procedures like eyelid lifts and necklifts can keep your face looking youthful without veering into the uncanny, frozen faces of years past.

In today’s age, you don’t have to fear a retirement full of bingo nights and shuffleboard. Instead, make your golden years a truly gilded time in your life, full of enrichment and new experiences that you can actually fully enjoy–without needing to spend thousands on traveling. It’s a different world than our grandparents were in, and you should enjoy your life to the fullest. After all, they’re not called your golden years for nothing!

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