3 Teams That Have a Great Chance of Winning the 2022 Super Bowl

Each new season presents winning opportunities for football teams. And so we expect that both teams that have performed consistently well and a few new ones get a chance at winning the 2022 Super Bowl. 

But let’s look at the three teams we believe have a higher chance of winning the big one come 2022

Kansas City Chiefs 

After finishing second in the last edition with a disappointing loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Chiefs start their campaign as one of the favorites to win. 

Kansas City Chiefs got the best win-loss record at the just-concluded season and only need to do a few things better. First, their star quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, must stay healthy and motivated. As seen in the Super Bowl 55 final, he alone can’t win them the championship. Brett Veach, the manager, would have to use the draft and free agency to bolster their forward lineup to give Mahomes the proper support. As for their defense, the chiefs assembled a fantastic set of players, but with some about-to-become-free agents, they might want to get some fresh talent.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 

Defending champions, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, are looking to repeat their last season’s successful run. While some might think ‘rinse and repeat’, history proves that winning back to back isn’t an easy feat. With only seven franchises in history ever winning it consecutively, the Buccaneers could join an elite few if they play their cards right. 

Using the draft and free agency to add a few options to their defensive line would give their team depth. This would help them weather any injury storm. The same can be said of their offense too. They have already seen the importance of a good reserve after losing Alex Cappa to a fractured ankle.

Green Bay Packers

The Green Bay Packers, yet again, lost out in the NFC championship game. This loss would be their second consecutive defeat. Despite this sad narrative, they remain major contenders for the championship. After losing yet again in the NFC Championship Game, they would need to make some changes to go all the way this business. 

Firstly, if they can’t retain their star tight end, Robert Tonyan, they would need to find a suitable replacement. The Packers should also be looking to increase speed in the cornerback position and find a complementary wide receiver for Davante Adams. Doing these would give them the much-needed boost.

As shown in other seasons and sports in general, we can only speculate until the season is over. Despite the analysis we can do, we won’t be sure until the final match is played. With that said, these teams have shown us why they have a great chance of winning the coveted Super Bowl LVI. With only a few teams ever winning it back to back, it is left for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to cement their place in history by winning during the next season.

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